With a decidedly organic vocal sound lending substance to his signature style, Frank Ortega navigates his way through the Nashville machine very thoughtfully in order not to sterilize his raw emotion. With three consecutive Billboard charting singles, Frank has performed shows with Dwight Yoakam, The Mavericks and many more. He is one of the few Latin Country solo artists receiving national airplay. He truly is a Latin voice of American Country music. Frank has performed  and even hosted CMA sanctioned stages during CMA Fest, he's a registered songwriter with BMI and is forging forward in his own niche of Country music and like some of the greatest country artists before him, Frank is forging his own path.
That path began in Arizona, born in Tempe and raised in Phoenix, Frank is one of five children and the third son of Joe and Jessie Ortega. Growing up in the Ortega household was lively, to say the least as his home was constantly filled with music. Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, and Buck Owens were regulars on the family turntable along with weekend family gatherings that included Mariachis.. trumpets and all. It came as no surprise to Frank's parents when he asked them to purchase him a trumpet while in the fifth grade, this began Frank's love affair with music.

At 15 Frank began teaching himself to play piano and guitar, at 16 he wrote his first song. When Frank turned 20 he started recording his songs in local Arizona studios and within a year, he heard himself on Arizona radio for the first time and things were never quite the same, he realized the power of radio to share his music with the masses. Now more than ever, Frank has a strong sense of himself as an artist and has a long history of performing, writing and recording. 

Frank lives in Nashville Tennessee and has called the South his home for almost 20 years now, he has released numerous singles and has appeared on the Billboard Music chart as well as featured in various magazines along with nationwide radio airplay. 

This Latin tattooed American country music singer knows exactly where he wants to be in life and is truly all about the journey... not the destination. Frank will continue to carve his own path as he always has, he will continue to believe things are said best through a country song and he will go... wherever the music takes him.
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